Thrombophlebitis iliac and femoral veins

Ray Ballinger, MD, PhD

Straub Clinic and Hospital

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30 y/o


Abdomen pelvis CT

Publication Date: 20 May 2004
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History and Images

30 y/o postpartum female with leg swelling

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An axial CT image through the pelvis and thigh show enlargement of the external iliac and superficial femoral veins of the left leg with a non-enhancing filling defect. Note the filling defect in the hypogastric vein as well. Considerable swelling and edema of the left leg is present as compared to the right. A hematoma is noted in the rectus muscle from the recent cesarian section.

The image below is a veinogram obtained with a catheter placed via the common femoral vein. The tip of the catheter is at the level of the knee. Contrast is seen flowing around an intraluminal filling defect.


Deep vein thrombophlebitis


Thrombophlebitis commonly involves the veins of the pelvis and legs as in this case. Thombus or clot in the deep venous system are at risk of embolizing to the lung. Common causes or predisposing factors include increased coagulation from neoplasms, estrogen use, prolonged sitting, recent surgery, pelvic and femoral fractures and recent childbirth.