Pott's Disease (Tuberculosis of the spine)

Ray Ballinger

Straub Clinic and Hospital

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TB infection osteomyelitis all


41 y/o female with 3 months history of pain over lower thoracic spine.


Midline saggital T1-weighted image

Saggital T1-weighted image through pedicle

Midline saggital T2-weighted image

Axial T1-weighted image through T11 with adjacent soft tissue abnormality on the left


MRI of the spine with and without IV contrast shows replacement of the normal fatty marrow throughout the T11 vertebral body and most of the posterior elements. A small amount of abnormal soft tissue is seen adjacent to the vertebral body. The disc space is uninvolved.


Pott's Disease (Tuberculous osteomyelitis of the spine)


The skeleton is the most frequent site of involvement of TB out side of lungs and half of the cases are in the spine, particularly at the thoracolumbar junction. Adjacent vertebra may be involved with sparing of the disc spaces. Posterior element involvement is more common than with bacterial osteomyelitis. Paravertebral soft tissue envolvement may be quite prominent.

Differential Diagnosis:

Metastatic disease
bacterial osteomyelitis.


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