Spine Cases by Diagnosis

  1. Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
  2. Tuberculosis of the spine (Pott's Disease)
  3. Plasmacytoma
  4. Extruded Lumbar Disk
  5. Liposarcoma of Thoracic Spinal Canal
  6. Cervical Disk herniations
  7. Fatty Filum Terminale
  8. Epidural Vein Simulating a Herniated Disk
  9. Multiple Myeloma of the Lumbar Spine
  10. Lipoma of the Spinal Cord
  11. Small Cell Metastases to the Spine
  12. Diastematomyelia
  13. Epidural scar, post surgical
  14. Extruded Lumbar Disk
  15. Syrinx, Thoracic Cord

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Last modified 18 June 2004